Photography, the way I see it...

From the classic black and white street photo printed on gloss paper
to photos printed on recycled metal, it all lives in my world!

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Life can be a bit weird. You never know just how things will happen.

While shopping in an estate consignment store, it came to me that some of the objects in the store had been someone's prized possessions. The families and friends left to dispose of the estate, didn't want the items. These items were the "Mortal Remains" of those who had died.

During the process of photographing these discarded objects, my mother passed away. The last few years have been a series of ups and downs that have kept me from my art. However, that has changed. After 30 years in the same town, hubby and I packed up and  moved to the Oregon Coast. Our new house has a great artist studio allowing us both to really dive into our work again.

Photos of "Salvaged" Artwork
by Thomas Del Brase,

and Harvey Spector

leslie wilkinson Photography

How My art Happened...

I have recycled myself. With a damaged body and soul
that had been tossed into the trash pile of injury, pain killers
and emotional conflict, my personal recycling journey
was a series of experiments both in life and in my art.

I left my career at the age of 55. I finished my degree in graphic design honing my skills and passion for photography. I have developed a desire for alternative process photography. I am interested in discarded materials to display my images on, combining images of time and place with scanned items relevant to the same time and place plus, unconventional materials and images.


"SALVAGED"  is the result of my own recycling journey
and the first in my alternative processes.

"LAYERS" is a new series of work still in development.
These images are a combination of using camera captured images and discarded objects scanned using a photo scanner.

"ON THE STREETS" contains photos from my obsession
with Street Photography.

"CRACKLE PANELS" is much more Fine Art  in nature.

"COMMISSIONS" featuring contracted work.

"MORTAL REMAINS" items discarded and now given a voice.